DST 3.0 Interfacing

You want to connect to DST 3.0, but how does it exactly work?

Via own POS system

You want take advantage of the services of DST, but how does it work exactly? Bicycle retailers can simply receive DST product data via their POS system. The following POS systems already interfacing with DST and DST automatically deliver data without having to do anything for it accept adding your credentials:

  • Vendit
  • Cycle Software 
  • Wilmar
  • Tilroy 
  • Citrus Lime
  • EMS
  • Tridata GmbH
  • app-room GmbH
  • Ascend
  • Odoo Software
  • All other systems.

Don’t you have the DST credentials? Please mail to  support@stichtingdst.nl

For each point of sale system, the manner of connection is a bit different. In some systems you can enter the DST user code / credentials yourself and activate the connection. However,
with others systemsyou need to contact their support department. Your own POS supplier can inform you about the possibilities and methods.

Without POS system

Even without a POS system, it is possible to use the DST 3.0 data. 
Any system can connect with the DST 3.0 API (application programming interface). DST can be interfaced easily to other applications such as a webshop and PIM systems. So you can as a dealer also use software without a DST. 
Via our API, DST can also provide data to e-commerce software such as i-Aspect, Nextchapter, NC-Websites, Magento etc.

The API 3.0 credentials can be obtained via support@stichtingdst.nl .