I’m a dealer

What is DST?

DST is the online product catalog for the bicycle industry. The platform allows dealers  FREE  easy access to perfect, timely and standardized product information from their suppliers. Entrepreneurs can simply bike through their POS system, a single keyword received the correct inventory and product information. Fast and simple. Work with DST saves over time and a lot of red tape.

The complete range

Dealers may store locally the complete range of their suppliers viewed digitally. Customer inquiries can be answered immediately, if necessary, products ordered from the supplier. No sales to customers no longer need. And with the same ease information from DST can be used for own webshop or social media.

One article, one name

The dates of DST is standardized. This means that each vendor items in the same manner encodes and classifies. An example; speak from your coaster brake, hub brake, backward kick brake or backward kick hub? DST provides that each manufacturer uses the same name. Therefore, a dealer can easily find the range and help customers more quickly.

Therefore DST

Those who want to save time, and always wants to correct product data immediately switches to DST. DST is:

  • Fast;
  • Easy to work with;
  • Reliable;
  • Topical;
  • Free.


For bicycle specialists use DST free. Suppliers pay one-time connection fee as well as a fee for annual membership. The amount depends on the annual turnover.