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What is DST?

DST is the reliable source for current and standardized article information in the bike sector. More and more suppliers, wholesalers and brands use DST to distribute their article information easy and save to there resellers. The DST Platform contains more than 1,000,000 products. Dealers can use this product information for FREE. Via their own POS system or by connecting their webshop to the DST API. This saves time and money and makes purchasing and sales a lot easier.

The correct article information

Via their POS system or e-commerce system, bicycle entrepreneurs can receive the right stock- and product- information with a single search term. Questions from customers about stock and availability can be answered immediately.

One article, one name

The data in DST is standardizes. This means that every supplier codes and classifies articles in the same way. An example. Do you speak of coaster brake, hub brake, reverse pedal brake or reverse pedal hub? DST ensures that every manufacturer uses the same name. This allows a dealer to easily search the range and help customers faster.

DST is the standard

  • Free for retailers
  • The 25 largest brands / suppliers are participating
  • RAI association, Biketotaal, Biretco and Bovag are part of DST
  • More than 1,000,000 unique products in the database
  • All POS systems are linked to DST
  • Product information is always up-to-date

Contribution rates 2024

The amount of the contribution from suppliers depends on the annual turnover:

Subscriber small (< € 2.5 million):€ 1.729,- p/y.
Subscriber medium (€ 2.5 – 5 million)€ 3.459,- p/y.
Subscriber large (€ 5 – 10 million):€ 7.909,- p/y.
Subscriber very large (€ 10 – 40 million):€ 12.353,- p/y.
Subscriber very large (> € 40 million):€ 17.294,- p/y.


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