About DST

Why Stichting DST?

Stichting DST was established to bring the innovation in the total bike-sector to a higher level. Innovation is essential in a (digital) world where speed, convenience and efficiency have become increasingly important.
Consumers nowadays have a completely different buying and orientation behavior. Internet plays an increasingly important role. Digital product information is then necessary to respond adequately to this as a branch, supplier and retailer. Whether the consumer buys online or in a physical store, in the current market it is necessary that article information is the same for every party in the chain. Innovation can only be achieved when al partys cooperate with each other.
The DST Foundation promotes cooperation in the sector in a neutral way, with no profit motive, so that all parties in the chain can benefit suppliers, dealers and consumers.
Stichting DST achieves this by:

  1. The development of a standard for article data, in collaboration with experts from TNO; From now on, articles will be stored and described in a uniform manner.
  2. Setting up a central article platform (DST), so that there is one place where all up-to-date article information can always be found.

Stichting DST was supported by a subsidy from the Stichting Tweewieler Branchebelangen and the Ministry of Economic Affairs .


Stichting Digitaal Samenwerken Tweewielerbranche
Europaplein 6
1078 GZ Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Postbus 74800
1070 DM Amsterdam, The Netherlands

(+31)85- 3034820

DST Workgroup

Stichting DST has a user group with participating suppliers and retail organisations. This group deals with technical matters and with the further development of the DST standard. DST coordinator Eric-Jan van der Berg and chairman of the DST-standard development-group Nico Timmerman collect all specific wishes and needs from the market.
The user group includes representatives from Trek, Giant Europe, Conti, Kruitbosch, Cube Bikes, Gazelle, Accell, Shimano, Agu, Dynamo Retail Group, Merida, Herman Hartje, Cyclon, Qwic and Rutteman.

The board

Sacha Boedijn, RAI Vereniging

Christa Grootveld, BOVAG

Martijn van Egmond, Accell

Maarten de Vos, Dynamo Retail Group

Ruud van Dorst, Shimano

Coördinator DST

Eric-Jan van der Berg, RAI Verening

Platform manager

Gijs Hoff, DST